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Globus Italian Excellence



Official distributor of non-invasive treatment systems and combination therapies to the medical, aesthetic and veterinary markets.

Welcome to Globus Ireland

Globus Ireland is the number one nationwide distributor of non-invasive treatment systems and combination therapies to the medical, aesthetic and veterinary markets. We provide technologies from the leading manufacturer Globus and have experience providing technology to a broad range of clients, ranging from physiotherapists to spa owners, hospital managers and vets.

All of our customers have discovered that our commitment to providing a quality service doesn’t end when your device is delivered. Thanks to our comprehensive training and in-house aftercare services, you will be getting the very best from every Globus-supplied device, ensuring the best possible results for your patients. We know all our devices inside-out and we work hard to make sure you will too with our unique, tailored support and training. At Globus Ireland, we ensure that all of our customers can provide the very best with their new equipment.




KINEO Intelligent Load

KINEO allows you to run a full range of tests in Isokinetic, Isometric and Dynamic modes to assess maximum strength and limb imbalances in both the concentric and eccentric phases of the movement. It is possible to evaluate movements in an open kinetic chain, such as the Leg Extension and Leg Curl, and in a closed kinetic chain, such as the Leg Press and the squat.

DiaCare TecarTherapy

TECAR is an innovative therapy that uses endogenous heat production to treat trauma and skeletal muscle pathologies. The heat generated by the movement of electrical charges stimulates reparative processes and induces analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.

Globus Italian Excellence

Do you have any questions for us? Whether it’s about devices, treatments or how the Globus difference can benefit you, our team of experts are ready to help:

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Providing health, beauty and wellness, since 1984.
For everyone. Always.

GLOBUS has been a world leading company in the manufacture of portable electromedical devices for over 30 years now.
Our extensive range includes complete product lines for electrotherapy, diathermy, ultrasound therapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy and vibrating platforms.


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