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Pressotherapy - Globus Ireland


The massage that regenerates.


Pressotherapy is a painless and non-invasive treatment that uses air pressure to simulate a massage in the disto-proximal sense, i.e. from the extremities towards the center of the body.

This massage is performed by a device that inflates, in a peristaltic or sequential way, the sections of the accessories (boots, sleeves or abdominal band) applied to the affected area.




The therapeutic goal of pressotherapy is to relieve swelling and pain in the legs, reduce inflammatory states of a non-infectious nature, reduce edema and other problems caused by venous insufficiency. It is also used in situations that affect the lymphatic system (such as lymphedema) to favor the drainage of lymph from the periphery towards the center of the body.



In this context, pressotherapy is used to combat cellulite blemishes and improve skin oxygenation, to reduce the circumference of the limbs (legs and arms) or the abdomen by performing a draining massage, to promote the elimination of toxins and reduce edema caused by trauma.



In this context, pressotherapy is used to accelerate recovery times, to carry out a post-workout cool-down, to help eliminate muscle tissue waste, to relieve pain caused by trauma and to prevent cramps and injuries.


 ✔ Prevention and therapy of venous and lymphatic disorders

 ✔ Water retention

 ✔ Lymphedema

 ✔ Venous insufficiency

 ✔ Pre and post surgery

 ✔ Sports medicine

 ✔ Limb rehabilitation

 ✔ Aesthetic medicine

 ✔ Cellulite


✔ Venous thrombosis in the acute phase

✔ Severe heart failure

 Malignant tumors

✔ Erysipelas

✔ Inflammation of the skin


Wear the accessories (boots, sleeves or abdominal band) based on the body area to be treated and connect them to the device. It is possible to increase the circumference of the accessories by connecting the extensions, which can be purchased as an optional accessory. Thanks to the double connectors, you will have the opportunity to treat two limbs (upper or lower) and the abdomen at the same time. Before starting the therapy, it will be possible to choose between three types of compression, set the duration of the treatment, adjust the pressure with which the accessories will inflate and select the active connectors.

Types of compression

Pressotherapy - Globus Ireland

Mode A

The chambers of the accessories inflate one by one distroproximally. When the next chamber starts inflating, the previous one starts deflating and so on for all the chambers. This type of compression is called peristaltic and is particularly suitable for the cooling down of the limbs, both post workout and at the end of a working day, as well as for the reduction of swelling induced by muscle microtraumas and water retention.

Mode B

The chambers of the accessories inflate two by two distroproximally. When the next chamber starts inflating, the previous one starts deflating, always keeping two chambers inflated. This type of peristaltic treatment is indicated above all for the prevention of venous ulcers, chronic venous insufficiency and other disorders of the circulatory system.

Mode C

The chambers of the accessories inflate individually and distoproximally, remaining inflated when passing to the next chamber. This type of compression is called sequential and is used as a real therapy, as in the case of lymphedema, as it allows the reabsorption and outflow of the liquid component of the edema within the lymphatic and venular channels.

?Why choose us


Pressotherapy - Globus Ireland

Portable and handy devices, suitable for outpatient use, but also for home physiotherapy

Pressotherapy - Globus Ireland

Boots available in different sizes

Pressotherapy - Globus Ireland

Mobile use for the G-Sport model thanks to the Power Bank included

Pressotherapy - Globus Ireland

Certified medical devices (PressCare G-200 and PressCare G-300 models)

Pressotherapy - Globus Ireland

Assistance from our technicians for any information on the use of the products

Pressotherapy - Globus Ireland

Easy to use


Pressotherapy - Globus Ireland

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