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Genesy 3000


This last-generation Professional Electrostimulator was developed  to implement its potential uses in the medical, rehabilitation and physiotherapy fields.
53 Sport – 29 Fitness – 16 Beauty – 11 Rehabilitation – 33 Pain – 23 Microcurrents – 9 Denervated – 9 Interferentials – 1 Ionophoresis – 3 Incontinence – 236 Electrotherapy Menu (Ems – Russian)
It runs on mains supply or battery, therefore it can be used both as a fixed station and as a portable unit.

MULTI-USER: it permits to store up to 25 different users and to create a library of personalized programs depending on individual aims.
AUTOMATIC MODE (AUTO STIM®):   it permits to execute a program in automatic mode with no need of intervening manually in the intensity regulation.
SYNCROSTIM:   It is possible to increase the intensity of the 4 channels simultaneously using only one button .
RUN TIME FUNCTION: this function permits to modify the time, the frequency and the pulse amplitude during the treatment  PROGRAMMABLE: 15 free memories, only for EMS and TENS.
2+2 MODE: it permits to execute two different programs simultaneously.
FAVORITES: it permits to store up to 30 programs for each user
LAST 10: it stores the last 10 executed programs
WORKING TIME: It indicates the total usage time of the device
MY TRAINER: it shows the electrode position on the display

The Genesy 3000 stands out in particular for providing all major medical-type currents:
– EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation)
– TENS (Trans Cutaneus Nerve Stimulation)
– MENS (Micro Current Stimulation)
– Kotz with sinusoidal wave
– Interferential currents
– Triangular and trapezoidal wave currents for denervated muscles
– Ionophoresis

Genesy 3000

SKU: G1034
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