MAGNUM 2 PRO DRIVE has been designed to offer a solution to those who suffer from pain in the back or other parts of the body, due to too much time spent driving. Sedentariness and too many hours at the wheel, subjected to the vibrations of the vehicle, are surely among the most frequent causes of musculoskeletal pain. MAGNUM 2 PRO DRIVE is an excellent instrumental therapy that can help reduce the inflammation and painof this category of people.


Display: Size of the visible area 2,6”

Channels: 2 independent

Intensity: can be emitted with flexible diffuser
– 200 Gauss on average for channel
– 400 Gauss on average on the whole (for 2 channels)

Frequency: 5-200 Hz

Duty Cycle: 5-50%

Free programming: Possibility of adding up to 5 custom programs

1+1 Function: Possibility of running 2 different programs at the same time, using 1 channel each

Power supply:
– Mains
– Rechargeable batteries

Size and Weight: 100x160x35 mm – 450 gr



  • 1 Bag
  • 1 MAGNUM 2 PRO DRIVE magnetotherapy device
  • 1 Soft 4 mat 250×250 mm
  • 1 Flexible solenoid 300×100 mm
  • 1 Magnum Test
  • 1 Power supply unit
  • 1 Operating manual

Magnum 2 Pro Drive

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