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Soccer Pro


Players and trainers engaged in the most important championships of the world have chosen it as the training companion they do not want to go without, thanks to a wide range of specific programs for physical performance improvement.
For soccer professionals and amateurs. For those who live soccer.

SOCCER PRO is the only electrostimulator present on the market created with specific programs in order to improve the physical performance of the soccer
The programs are divided into four major areas corresponding to the main filds of intervention of the physical training in soccer.

18 programs aimed to improve the muscular structure of the soccer player
and make it functional to the type of physical effort required in different game
situations. The main objectives are:
– increase of the muscular force;
– increase of the explosive force to improve the sprint, the speed in changing
directions and the height of the jump;
– improvement of the endurance and ability to maintain great levels of
performance during all the game;
– improvement of the balance between agonist and antagonist muscles;
– improvement of the responsiveness and explosiveness of the goalkeeper.

5 programs aimed to drastically reduce the number of injuries and the main
musculoskeletal ailments. In particular these programs aim to:
– strengthen the ankle and the knee in order to prevent sprains;
– reduce the number of injuries due to lesions and/or muscular cramps;
– strengthen the abdominal muscles to prevent lumbagos.

5 programs to treat the traumas and the recurring ailments in the soccer
players, such as:
– contusions and muscle contractures;
– articular and tendinous inflmmations.

6 specific programs aimed to:
– speed up the processes of removal of fatigue and lactic acidaccumulated
after the trainings and races;
– release and relax the tensed and sore musculature .

Soccer Pro

SKU: G4228
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