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Perfect in every situation, WINSHOT 800 is the ideal ball shooting machine for major championships and youth championships.

The machine allows you to shoot balloons up to a speed of 140 km / h and with a maximum firing frequency of 1 every 3 ″.

WINSHOT 800 is adjustable in height up to 310 cm and is equipped with a 220 vac mains power supply.

To allow wide mobility in the field, a kit (optional) of 2 12 vdc batteries can be installed.

the electric control unit allows you to adjust speed and shooting effects very precisely

It is an ideal machine for:

– train receiving with floating stops and with rotating stops.

– train defense on first and second line attacks.

– train the crush from the 1st and 2nd line with lifts from each area of the court.

Winshot 800

SKU: G1334
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