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DiaCaRe 7000 - Globus Ireland

Enhance your assessment and care with a new technology that no one has in ireland. Be the first!

Optimize your time, ensure more confidence for your patients, achieve precision and accuracy in the outcomes with a highly advanced treatment.

We want to introduce Tecar, the highly advanced therapeutic method for treating disorders of the musculo-skeletal system.

Tecar has proven to be the most effective method for the treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries and pathologies such as:

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Back pain / lumbago

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Adhesive capsulitis

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Patellar chondropathy

The key benefits of Tecar are:


Accelerates the natural healing mechanisms of the body, thereby reducing recovery time


Accelerates pain reduction in comparison to other electrotherapies such as ultra-sound


What are the advantages for your patients?

  • Faster functional recovery. (The beneficial effects are apparent after just a few sessions and improvements can be observed even 24 hours after treatment.)

  • Treatment is painless and relaxing.

  • Treatments are safe and have high therapeutic efficacy.

  • Promotes a sense of well-being, predisposing the subject towards post-treatment physical activity.

  • Faster rehabilitation.

The good news is Tecar is rarely found in clinics here in Ireland, which will make you proud to be a unique expert in the use of this progressive technology.

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Save The Date


We're hosting an exclusive FREE Tecar event on the 21st of January at GB Sports Physio on

Bissett's Loft - Unit 3, Strand St, Malahide.

There’s nothing better than learning more and trying out the most advanced physical therapy so you can see how it performs.


We understand that technology moves at an amazing rate so we want to give you the confidence to make an informed choice when it comes to new equipment.  

Hurry Up because only 10 people can grab tickets for this private event!


See you at the ultimate Tecar Therapy event in Ireland.

Your Patients Deserve Better. Meet and exceed your patients' expectations!

Don’t miss Out

Register now.

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