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WINSHOT 1500 is the ball shooter for professional teams and national teams.

It is adjustable in height up to 340 cm. and can fire 1 balloon every 2 ″ up to 140 km / h.

The real revolution is constituted by the electronic shooting control unit which allows to create infinite effects automatically and to store up to 5 different shooting settings.

WINSHOT 1500 also has the “speed control system” which controls the actual speed of the ball with each shot.

WINSHOT 1500 is equipped with battery power, which allow up to 10 hours of autonomy, and wheels for maximum mobility in the field.

It is a perfect training machine for:

– train the reception with floating stops and with rotating stops.

– train defense on first and second line attacks.

– train the crush from the 1st and 2nd line.

– make perfect lifts from every area of the court.

Winshot 1500

SKU: G3504
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